BooK 1 "Empire's Passing"

Welcome to the Imperium Succession Saga website of Joseph W. Morris, writing as J. W. Morris. This new series chronicles the struggle for survival of the planet New Meyer as the Imperium, an interstellar empire extending for a thousand light years around Earth, collapses. The Imperium capital, Earth, is bombarded from space by the Goth Alliance and the Emperor is killed. Pretenders for the Imperium throne are killing legitimate heirs. An Interstellar Dark Age is about to fall.

In Book 1, Empires' Passing,  Michael Landsman, the Duke of New Meyer, desperately gambles to buy time for his homeworld by accepting the Imperium throne. In doing so, he makes New Meyer a bigger target.  He's counting on New Meyer's new weapons systems to provide an edge. Then he begins to discover the nature of the real threat to the Imperium...